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Student Teacher Success in Four Critical Steps

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Student teacher success launches your teaching career due to the relationships you build with both your mentor teacher and the students. It is very important to understand the "big picture" and the four critical steps to mastering this developmental period in your teaching career.

Getting set up for success

Your student teaching will be lined up by the college that you attend. Your college will have relationships with local school districts that allow them to find enough classrooms for all of their teachers-in-training to attend.
Your schedule will differ depending on your degree program; it may be nearly full-time for a school year, it may be one semester, or it may be "graduated in" a term at a time. The teaching college usually provides a mentor to assist with the challenges you face.

You may be able to choose your classroom if you have some experience in a local school district already. Usually, however, you will only be able to express a desire for a certain type of school for your student teaching session, perhaps "Title School," for example.

Every program will have a different implementation schedule, meaning that you will find yourself alone sooner or later with the kids, first in short sessions and eventually full time. Getting ready for that full-time classroom control is the goal that you should be working toward.

The Four Factors for Success

Preparing to be a successful, full-time (but short-term) teacher takes a few intentional, focused preparatory steps:

1. Observe
You'll never have another opportunity where you can see so many different teaching approaches in so short a time. No matter what grade level you are assigned to, make time to see every other grade in the building.

2. Take notes
Journal your thoughts and feelings about the teaching approaches you experience. Reflect on them with your fellow students to gain greater value from your observations. How will you put them into practice in your own room?

3. Ask questions
Even if it sounds dumb, ask it...and ask it again if you need more explanation to understand. You are preparing for the day when 25 students will be staring at you, expecting you to do something. Now is the time to get the big questions out of the way.

4. Be professional
Dress like a teacher, act like a teacher, be a teacher in the children's eyes. Even if you don't feel like you are a professional-level adult yet, fake it. This is one long job interview, so act the part at all times. And while I shouldn't need to say this, I will: turn off your cell phone at texting during teaching time.

These four success factors will help you build a relationship with your classroom teacher and all other mentors in your building, as well as prepare you to be successful in your relationships with the students.
This is an exciting time for you...welcome to your first big step toward a full-time teaching career!

Betsy Weigle is the creator and founder of http://www.Classroom Teacher the detailed information source for new elementary school teachers. Learn how to turn student teaching into a full-time job by visiting our section on student teacher success at

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