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How to Establish a No Cell Phone Rule in Your Classroom

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Establishing a no cell phone rule in your classroom has increasingly become much harder in the technology age of our students today. Today's children have grown accustomed to using a cell phone at all times, and more parents are also growing dependent upon them and seeing them as necessities. A common complaint of teachers is that the distractions of a cell phone in the classroom hinder learning for all. Buzzing from texting, cheating during exams, and the obvious noise from a ringtone can all create a less than optimal learning environment. Here are a few ideas to establish your no cell phone rule policy for your school or classroom.

First, it is of the utmost importance that you have a written policy. Parents, and students alike, should see the policy in writing. Your policy should state where cell phones should be kept (in pockets, lockers, or home) and where and when they are (or are not) allowed to be used. Some schools have decided to allow some flexibility for students to use their cell phones during lunch or study halls, for example. Decide your parameters and type them up with signature lines at the bottom. Students and parents should read over the form, sign, and return to the teacher. This assists the school in maintaining fairness when deciding on consequences for cell phone usage infractions.

Next, make sure you also verbally communicate the expectations and consequences for using cell phones in your classroom to all. Just because a parent signs a form, does not mean they read it. Parents have hurried days too and the student could have asked a parent to sign in haste. Continue to verbally express the rule at all open houses, assemblies, and parent conference times. Sometimes the lack of reminders leads to a lax in the rule in some eyes.

In addition, make sure to include a small reminder in all written correspondence with your families. Include it in emails, newsletters, classroom websites, and gradebook postings. If possible, have the staff and administration at the school decide on a consistent 2 line message and require that everyone uses it in their written communication with parents.

By constantly reminding parents and students of your no cell phone in the classroom policy, you are affording the opportunity to enforce the rule much more widely. There will still be infractions and consequences. It is the nature of our future. Most families now expect students to have a cell phone with them at school. This is a new situation in which schools much learn to adapt, but not by banning them completely. If we are open to ideas and suggestions from families, the changing times will allow us to adapt in a reasonable way, while still allowing an opportunity for learning.

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