Friday, November 26, 2010

Learning to Know Student Character

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This is a matter which should not be described. This experience gained since about 6 years old profession as a teacher. Teachers who do not have the appropriate competence and fit. But because the trust which acquired it never hurts to know characters from some students.

Based on the experience of recent years to find the various characters of students. There is a spirit of learning, students with great curiosity, lazy students, even students who are merely carrying out school obligations because of the demands of parents.

Of the various characters found in these though have not done the research, but the students can see the face slightly to recognize the character of the person.

Exactly what is mentioned in a proverb could be due to normal. It is my nature. Students can recognize the characters as habit dealing and interacting with students, so that even if a bit familiar characters that have a diverse student and complexity.

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