Monday, August 22, 2011

The Modern Way of Learning

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Tutoring has come a long way! A few years ago, the word tutoring would have given everyone the same image - that of a teacher sitting side-by-side with a student, giving guidance and sharing knowledge in the classroom setting.

Developments in communication and the increasing popularity of the internet have spawned developments in educational methods as well. As more and more students are distracted by social media and the internet in general, schools have learned to adapt and tap into these trends to improve the learning experience.

Online tutoring is one such development in the field of education. With online tutoring, teachers and students no longer have to be in the same room in order to facilitate learning. Using modern technology, teachers can give their lessons via internet chat, video calls, or even phone conversations. For higher education like the Master's or PhD's, email conversations and email submissions are also gaining larger acceptance.

Indeed, online tutoring has given students a lot of benefits:

First, online coaching is affordable and convenient. For educational institutions, online coaching eliminates the need for classrooms and other miscellaneous costs of providing education. This in turn allows them to offer online courses that are cheaper and therefore more attractive to students. For students, the fact that they no longer have to travel to go school saves them time and travel costs.

Second, online tutoring helps keep students engaged and interested. This is especially true for younger students who are more interested in social networking and internet surfing. Online tutoring uses tools that are familiar and interesting from their point of view - namely the internet, computers and other forms of media.

Third, online tutoring allows educators to tailor their methods to their students' individual needs. Traditional classroom settings have teachers who are responsible for several students who may have different strengths and needs. With lessons conducted face-to-face and in only one schedule, students are left with no choice but to accept the pace that the class is conducted. Online tutoring allows the teacher to make individual adjustments depending on a student's needs and learning curve.

Finally, with online coaching, students have better and more choices for their source of education. Gone are the days when parents sent their children to the nearest schools to drive down costs, and only the privileged could make choices without having to worry about the cost of travel and housing. With online coaching, proximity is not an issue. Students can choose the courses, and the educational institutions, that best fit their needs.

As the world encounters more developments in communications technology, we can expect more changes in the way that education is delivered to students. It is encouraging to note that educational institutions are taking advantage of these developments to invent new ways to deliver knowledge. In the end, it can only serve to help students who may not have the time or money to access the traditional mode of getting an education.

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