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How to Achieve Leadership Status in High School Art Room

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By Jodi PattersonSometimes beginning high school art teachers have a hard time seeing themselves as "leaders" and this puts them at a disadvantage, while forcing teenage students to arm wrestle for leadership status (which can lead to chaos). Education courses, unfortunately, rarely teach about who a leader is, what one does, or how one becomes a leader... even though teachers are leaders. Most of what I learned about this topic came from reading group therapy resources and business leadership books. In the business world, leadership skills are well honed and I encourage beginning teachers to take the initiative and read more about this important "survival" topic.

As the leader of your classroom, what goals do you have for yourself and your students? How will you measure success? It will be your job to work with what you are given (which means no blaming parents or administrators) and make it run smoothly - no exceptions. How can you lead your classroom while finding common goals among students, motivating the group, and building trust structures to make it all happen? Such a charge is easier if you pay attention to, and hone, common leadership qualities. Some of these might include:
  1. Vision (long-term and short-term).
  2. Passion (for content/art, teaching, and students).
  3. Ability to communicate a vision.
  4. Tenacity to work toward something of importance.
  5. Ability to convince others of the importance of the vision.
  6. Confidence in others (and content/art).
  7. A keen sense of community.
Perhaps "vision" is the most important of these qualities for a brave art teacher to hone. A vision is a focusing of energy towards the mental image of what a goal looks like. Your vision is also the thing that provides you with strength when things go awry. It is your belief in what your classroom can and will be. Such physical imagining is called visualization; sometimes it is called positive thinking, positive imagery, dynamic imaging, etc. It is ancient knowledge that the power of thought, imagination, and will changes circumstances. Visualizing helps a person to organize the resources necessary to achieve a goal or task.

Close your eyes and imagine your "perfect" art classroom-what do you see, feel, and hear? How, as the leader, can you achieve your vision? Leaders are people who others are willing to trust and follow; can you "see" yourself as someone your students want to engage with? If not, how can you adapt things to make your vision be something they are enticed to join? How can you co-create a vision for your classroom with your students? Can you amp up your passion? Share your desires for them and the classroom? Listen to their visions? Or somehow show your students how relevant and important the arts can be to their lives? Can you, over time, get them to "see" your side of the vision enough make them want to hop on board?

You must remember that a vision is a process that takes time to achieve. It takes discipline to continually clarify and deepen a personal vision. It requires the focusing of energies towards developing patience; and requires an objective view of reality. It will be helpful if young teachers continually use physical and mental visualization to help attain goals.

About Writer
Jodi Patterson has over twenty years of art teaching experience at the high school and university levels. She is an artist, author and teacher who wrote and illustrated a little life manual titled "Tips for Sunshine: Life After High School." This book helps young adults adjust to the rigors of life on their own, and the website http://www.tips4sunshine.com offers helpful links to ideas discussed in the book.

Jodi also recently released the text titled "Brave Art & Teens: A Primer for the New High School Art Teacher." Please visit her website for more links on art education and how to buy the book at a discounted rate via: http://www.braveart.info.

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