Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Options For A Daycare Degree

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Do you need a daycare degree to get a job at a daycare? You may not need a degree at all at first, perhaps, but if you want to make this job into a career and advance to management, then a degree may be the best way to move forward. The term "daycare degree" is a probably a bit misleading. In actuality, there are not many degree titles out there with the word "daycare" in them. Rather, there are different degrees that a person can pursue that are relevant to a career teaching children in a daycare setting.

One such daycare degree is an Associate's in early childhood development. A two-year program is perfect for individuals who enjoy working with young children and have a creative approach to learning. This degree is also great preparation for individuals who want to pursue a career in early childhood education or childcare.

A degree in early childhood development can often be found at community colleges and other institutions of higher learning around the country. This daycare degree might even be available through an online school. The curriculum often includes courses in child psychology, language and literacy, and development and health, as well as safety for children. Please note, however, that some schools may require an internship to graduate.

If you are awarded this degree, you may be able to find employment in private preschools, after-school programs, summer camps, or childcare centers. The degree will prepare you to use an interactive approach to working with young learners as they learn about math, science, and language acquisition. This is often done through songs, games, stories, and crafts.

An early childhood development degree may help you to hone the ability to motivate and nurture young learners, as well as the ability to work with children from diverse backgrounds and varying needs. You will also learn how to best communicate the needs of students to their parents and to other teachers.

Another great daycare degree for those who enjoy working with children and thinking of creative ways to present information is an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in elementary education. This degree may also prepare you to work as an elementary education assistant. These professionals help classroom teachers in both public and private schools.

Students pursuing a two-year elementary education degree may take courses in liberal arts in such areas as history, sociology, and life sciences. In addition, they must take education-related courses, which may include child psychology, classroom management, and classroom diversity, as well as math and reading for elementary teachers.

No matter what daycare degree you pursue - whether it is early childhood development or elementary education - the curriculum of your daycare classes should teach you how to keep young students motivated and engaged. You may even be able to complete your program through one of the online schools. Just as important is the ability to identify and accommodate different students' needs. Having these skills, along with degree, may lead to a stable career in a daycare or preschool setting. You may even one day advance to management!

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